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Pastor Ashley has a passion to help the hurt and brokenhearted  restored. She knows what its like to live out of a place of brokenness and trauma. From being adopted, to abused, and other painful experiences, she had to rise above the cycles of brokenness that kept her circling in the same direction.

 Feeling like enough is enough she attended a weekend retreat called Healing The Heart. After the first night of the retreat her life was changed. She received revelation upon revelation that forever changed her perspective on life. The retreat helped her recognize she was living in a state of her past brokenness instead of being who God called her to be.  After taking time to process and heal  the hurts of her past she decided that she wanted to help others live in freedom and receive  healing. Pastor Ashley completed certification from Living Waters Ministry to teach and share this life changing teaching to others who felt just as she did. 

What is HTH

Healing The Heart deals with the issues of the heart. This two day retreat will help you pinpoint behavioral structure's & triggers and teach you how to release them so you can live life how God intended you to live instead of living out of a place of past hurt and trauma. 

Retreat Fee

Tuition Fee for this retreat is $250. This fee covers a 2 day teaching, 4 meals, workbook for the retreat, and a  personal one on one session.

Next Retreat

Next Upcoming Retreat
February  9th & 10th 

"This retreat was very eye opening & a huge help in my healing process. Praise God for Pastor Ashley"

- Taylor Garvin

"A great retreat full of information on how to begin to heal from past hurts."

- Mindy Hodge

"Super! Pastor Ashley was very prepared and know how to lead us through this healing journey. Highly recommend to everyone! Powerful healing journey! The food was beautiful and delicious."

- Melodie Willimas

Living Waters Ministry

Living Waters Ministry is located in Hiddenite, NC.
Destination Church has partnered with Living Waters Ministry for the teachings in which our class facilitator uses.